Chinese Bitcoin FOMO: Major Bank Invests in Popular BTC Wallet

28th October 3 640x400

Chinese bitcoin FOMO appears to be on the rise as a major bank has reportedly invested in a local wallet platform. This report marks another significant crypto and blockchain-related development from China as the country appears to be moving towards government-approved adoption. China Merchants Bank Invests in BTC Wallet Service Tweeting on Monday (October 28, 2019), Dovey Wan co-founder of Primitive Ventures revealed that China Merchants Bank has invested in BitPie — a non-custodial bitcoin wallet service. China… China Merchant Bank just announced invested in BitPie, the Bitcoin wallet with longest history and most users back in China … Tho it's a non-custodial wallet there can be a non-zero chance ….[redacted] — Dovey 以德服人 Wan (@DoveyWan) October 28, 2019 According to Wan, BitPie is the longest-serving bitcoin wallet platform in China, with the most users. The investment in BitPie comes only a couple of months after the bank’s shares fell…

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