Capital Manager Expects New Bitcoin All-Time High “Within Days”

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Bitcoin price has been consolidating in an ever-tightening range between its current all-time high around $42,000 and a low of nearly $28,000. But could a new all-time high be only days away? The CEO of a capital management firm believes so, and has shared chart demonstrating a clear technical breakout in the top cryptocurrency by market cap. Here’s a closer look at the current price action and potential upside targets. Bitcoin To Reach New All-Time High In Days Or Weeks, Following Technical Breakout Although it was the narrative and perfect storm scenario of 2020 that brought Bitcoin into the financial world spotlight, 2021 is proving to be the year of Bitcoin. FOMO is spreading like wildfire, and participants now range from retail to corporate CEOs, institutions, and other high net worth individuals. Celebrities are acting as an echo chamber, and mainstream media is furthering the frenzy with outrageous headlines featuring…

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