Can Crypto Cold Wallets Help Measure Exchange Dominance?

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Crypto exchanges have come under fire recently for allegedly fabricating volume figures. It is an easy thing to do so researchers are looking at other ways to measure dominance, and cold wallets could be one. There are a number of differing ways to rank crypto exchanges and daily volume appears to be one of the most popular. Leading analytics platforms such as Coinmarketcap now offer three metrics for exchange volume; adjusted, reported and liquidity. Yesterday, Bitcoinist reported on the latest monthly crypto exchange review from analytics firm Crypto Compare. The top exchanges in terms of volume were not what we would expect and there is very little transparency for these results. Today, for example, an obscure Republic of Seychelles registered exchange called Bilaxy is topping the CMC charts for reported daily volume which it claims is over $2 billion. Can Crypto Cold Wallets Help? Research has been undertaken by Longhash…

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