Buying $1K of Bitcoin at the 2018 Bottom Would’ve Made You This Rich

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Bitcoin and other crypto-assets are both loved and loathed by traders for their epic volatility. While many have lost everything from it, others have made a fortune by getting in at the right time. So, how much would you have made if you invested $1,000 in BTC during the 2018 bottom? That Momentous Bitcoin Bottom Bitcoin has had an amazing start to 2020, up 44% since its yearly open price. So far, it has outperformed a vast majority of altcoins, with only a handful of decoupled assets posting higher returns. Bitcoin’s yearly low in 2019 was $3,330, which many thought was the start of the end for the flagship cryptocurrency. However, it wasn’t as low as its bottom during the 2018 crypto winter, when the leading asset touched as low as $3200. So how much money would you have made if you would have invested $1,000 at the absolute bottom?…

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