Buyers Cancel Cybertruck Orders Following Tesla’s Decision To Pull Bitcoin


A number of Cybertruck customers have reportedly canceled their preorders following Tesla’s announcement it would no longer accept Bitcoin. Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a statement saying the firm has concerns over the rising use of fossil fuels in Bitcoin mining. For that reason, it has suspended vehicle purchases using Bitcoin. The comments triggered a backlash for multiple reasons, including cries of hypocrisy. But it seems as though that backlash is now extending to a direct loss of revenue for the electric automaker. MicroStrategy Responds With Another Bitcoin Buy Users have taken to Twitter to protest Tesla’s Bitcoin decision by canceling their Cybertruck orders. One user included a screenshot of his cancelation form showing his reason for cancelation as an “embarrassing take on bitcoin mining.” Another gave a cancelation reason of “incorrect and disingenuous” comments on the purported environmental cost of BTC mining. This same customer also addressed Musk personally…

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