Buy Signals Trigger On DeFi Tokens Chainlink & YFI As Hopes Of Rebound Mount

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DeFi tokens like Chainlink and Yearn.Finance dominated the crypto market all throughout the summer months. But a recent shift in sentiment has prompted investors to derisk and these same coins have been crashing deeply. And while there’s no certainty that a reversal is near, a buy setup has triggered on these two once top-performing tokens that could at least provide a dead cat bounce it the short term. Chainlink Readies Rebound Following 50% Fall From All-Time High Chainlink’s rise to the top of the crypto world began a lot earlier than most of the DeFi space, but the oracle feeding price data to platforms helped further fuel this year’s parabolic rally. The cryptocurrency was already the best performing asset for almost two full years running, then this year went on to rise from around a $1 on Black Thursday, to $20 per LINK token at the peak. The incredible rally…

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