Breaking NFT Project Launches You Cannot Miss Out

The NFT market is still taking by storm investors, collectors, gamers and anyone else interested in obtaining unique items. DeFi is surrendering the role of the main hype-maker and volume-breaker as NFTs have shown a 2,500% increase in trading volumes in Q1 of 2021, and have reached an overall valuation of over $2 billion on some marketplaces dedicated to trading Non-Fungible Tokens. The market is growing so popular that major stars and venues are starting to jump onboard the rolling NFT train as Miami is hosting an NFT BAZL this week along with a 2-day virtual NFT Summit related to the sector and its prospects. With so much already happening and whipping up such a frenzy in both technological and financial terms, it is only logical to expect that the rise in NFT-related projects is heating up and is promising to offer numerous interesting ventures. The following is a list…

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