Bought The Dip?, Ray Dalio Prefers Bitcoin Over Bonds

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Billionaire and legendary founder of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio finally revealed that he owns some Bitcoin. During CoinDesk‘s Consensus conference, Dalio spoke about the current economic outlook, inflation, and Bitcoin’s potential. The fund manager believes there are two types of inflations, one based on supply and demand in a low production environment. The other is based on a “monetary” expansion when a country’s debt supply increases and central banks are forced to produce more money. The latter is similar to the one experienced by the U.S. dollar in 1971 and in the present. Dalio believes this one is more dangerous and will lead the U.S. towards two potential scenarios: there will be more demand for investment with the potential to generate yield and cash will have a negative yield return. Thus, there will a rise in prices across all sectors, from real estate to consumables and labor. The traditional investment…

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