BlockSwap Network Brings Fixed Income Products To DeFi With PoS Assets

Blockswap Network makes the benefits of Proof-of-Stake accessible to everyone seeking out a stable yield source. The team creates new incentives for stakers and hodlers of PoS coins by preventing volatility effects and the complexity of staking processes. The growth of decentralized finance as an industry has been stellar. It now spans over $40 billion in liquidity, primarily on the Ethereum blockchain. Despite this growth, it remains precarious to earn a stable yield as the rates fluctuate and tokens become more volatile. Countering these negatives will lower the barrier to entry and make DeFi more appealing to a broader public. The time has come to bring DeFi to the mainstream and a solid and safe base for fixed-income products needs to be established. More specifically, the industry needs products capable of sustaining hundreds of billions of dollars in liquidity. Blockswap Network focuses on this long-term goal by bridging Proof-of-Stake asset…

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