Blockchain as a Service Protocol Stratis Attracts Investment From Alphabit Digital Currency Fund

Blockchain technology has taken on various forms since the introduction of Bitcoin and continues to evolve even today to meet the industry’s ever-changing demands and needs. Businesses and companies could benefit enormously from blockchain, but integrating distributed ledger technology is often expensive and time-consuming. As a result, Blockchain as a Service has emerged as the ideal solution for wider scalability. Recognizing the potential growth in the Blockchain as a Service sector, digital currency investment fund Alphabit has revealed an initial investment deployment into Stratis Protocol – as well as a future seven-figure investment, pledged over the next two years. Here’s why Stratis Protocol could be the next big thing in the blockchain space. All About Stratis Protocol: The Innovative Blockchain as a Service Solution The adoption of decentralized blockchain networks has been slow in the business world. Despite the technology’s potential in reducing costs, overhead, and improving operations across all…

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