Bits of Gold CEO: B2B Demand Increased Despite Falling BTC Price [Interview]

caught up with Youval Rouach, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin of Gold, an Israeli Bitcoin cryptocurrency trading platform. Rouach explains the regulatory situation in Israel for cryptocurrencies and his company’s plans moving forward. Bitcoinist: When did Bits of Gold launch? Why did you decide to start this business? Youval Rouach: Bits of Gold was founded by my brother Jonathan (Co-Founder and CEO of QED-it) and I at 2013, and on January 13th we are celebrating exactly 6 years of activity. We decided back then that we need to spread the word about Bitcoin and we knew that Israel should have its own cryptocurrency trading platform. Do you operate only in Israel? Why is the company registered in Bulgaria? Bits of Gold is registered and licensed in Israel and serves mainly the Israeli market. Bits of Gold also has a daughter-company registered in Bulgaria that processes the credit cards transactions, since…

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