Bitmessage Creator Proves Craig Wright Faked Conversation With Kleiman

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Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, Craig S. Wright (CSW) is once again being accused of forging documents as part of the Kleiman v. Wright case. Another Forgery Claim Hits Wright Redacted court documents from a hearing held back in late July show Bitmessage developer Jonathan Warren providing testimony which shows Wright forging documents. Back in early 2018, reported that Dave Kleiman’s estate sued Wright for stealing about 1 million BTC. In response, Wright alleged that Kleiman signed away the sum as part of a blind trust (Tulip Trust). Part of Craig Wright’s defense was a series of correspondences sent on the Bitmessage platform describing the trust process as well as the escrow wallet for the trust. However, Warren told the court that these correspondences were likely forged because the messaging platform hadn’t gone live as the time reflected in the “proof” submitted by Wright. An excerpt from the transcript of Warren’s cross-examination…

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