Bitcoin’s “Reserve Risk” Indicator Suggests the Next Parabolic Cycle is Coming

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Bitcoin’s prolonged bout of sideways trading isn’t showing any signs of letting up Its stability is proving to be extremely bullish for the aggregated crypto market, as many tokens have found themselves caught within firm uptrends Some speculate that it won’t be until these tokens start seeing slowing momentum that Bitcoin can run One technical indicator is suggesting that this may be the case and that BTC is currently building a strong base to make a parabolic movement Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have been seeing incredibly mixed trading throughout the past month. While BTC remains stable around $9,200, many altcoins have been caught in the throes of a full-fledged bull market. Although this has detracted both trading volume and liquidity away from BTC, it may ultimately prove to be positive for the benchmark cryptocurrency. Not only is it a show of good sentiment amongst investors, but the profits…

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