Bitcoin’s Macro Structure Indicates Push to $12,600 Could be Imminent

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Bitcoin and the entire crypto market has faced some heightened selling pressure throughout the past day, with bears moving to regain control of BTC This has sent shockwaves throughout the entire crypto market, causing many tokens to plunge lower Analysts are now widely noting that the entire market could be well-positioned to see further losses in the near-term. One trader is noting that BTC reeling towards an “accumulation range” within the $9,000 region is a possibility That being said, the same trader also believes that a push up towards $12,600 could still be imminent in the near-term. Bitcoin is facing some heightened selling pressure as its price sits within the $10,600 range. This is around where it has been trading throughout the past few days, with buyers and sellers being unable to gain any control over its near-term outlook. Yesterday, bulls attempted to take control of its near-term trend when…

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