Bitcoin’s Macro Price Chart Is Giving a Fund Manager “All-Time High Vibes”


Bitcoin has seen a strong retracement since its highs of $12,200 set on Saturday. Bulls remain optimistic about the leading cryptocurrency. One fund manager in the space went as far as to say that the BTC chart is giving him “all-time high” vibes. Could Bitcoin Hit New All-Time Highs Really Soon? Mohit Sorout — a founding partner of Bitazu Capital — sees new all-time highs for Bitcoin in the near future. On August 5th, he shared the chart below to his Twitter following, writing: “This $btc chart is legit giving me ATH vibes.” The chart shows that the volatility of the leading cryptocurrency is reaching a macro inflection point last seen at the 2019 price bottom. This period of low volatility suggests that Bitcoin will soon see a macro breakout, potentially in the upward direction. Chart of BTC's price action over the past few years with analysis by Mohit Sorout,…

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