Bitcoin’s Higher High Shows Just How Weak Fiat Currencies are Becoming

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Over the weekend, Bitcoin set a pivotal higher high. And although the crypto asset is pulling back slightly with this week’s election uncertainty, a confirmed uptrend could make for clear skies in the weeks ahead. However, does a lack of a higher high on other top currencies tell a different story about Bitcoin – one that instead highlights the dollar’s weakness more so than the cryptocurrency’s strength? Top Cryptocurrency Finally Sets Higher High for First Time Since Bull Market Peak According to Investopedia, the definition of an uptrend is “an overall move higher in price, created by higher swing lows and higher swing highs.” Bitcoin’s higher low on Black Thursday, as frightening as that day may have been, was one step in turning the trend from bearish to bullish. The second piece of the puzzle came into play over the weekend when on Halloween and a full moon Bitcoin price…

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