Bitcoin’s Bullish Setup to Send Ethereum to $2,000, Asserts Analyst

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Ethereum bulls should prepare for a price rally towards $2,000 in the next couple of weeks/months, per a recent analysis provided by Jebb McAfee. The independent market analyst spotted a flurry of upside fundamentals, ranging from Ethereum’s growth as a decentralized application server to its rising search volumes on Google, before deciding to go all bullish on the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Dominance Meanwhile, Mr. McAfee also mentioned Bitcoin, Ethereum’s contender for the top spot, as the primary catalyst behind its potential bull run ahead. He highlighted Bitcoin’s growing dominance as a leading indicator of Ethereum’s upside move, citing how a drop in the top cryptocurrency’s market capitalization in December 2017 paved the way for ETH/USD to establish an all-time high of $1,419. A drop in Bitcoin dominance in 2017 followed an Ethereum price rally to its record high. Source: ETHUSD on The pair’s reactive rally—as Mr. McAfee hinted—was…

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