Bitcoin’s Biggest Bullish Catalyst is Donald Trump; Here’s Why

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Bitcoin is least bearish ahead of the US presidential election in November, according to Capriole Investments’ Co-Founder Charles Edwards. He said Tuesday that Donald Trump might attempt to tout the ongoing stock market rally for potential reelection. That may prompt him to continue their existing fiscal stimulus programs to keep the significant market indexes happy. Bitcoin traders want a supersonic bull run. Meanwhile, Donald Trump wants to win the next US presidential election. They both have only one means to achieve what they want: a lot of cash. At least that is what Charles Edwards conveys through his Tuesday tweet. The co-founder of Capriol Investments, a crypto-focused investment firm, stated that Trump might end up benefiting Bitcoin as he desperately attempts to get re-elected in November. Mr. Edwards noted that the performance of the US stock market is the measure of Mr. Trump’s success. The sitting president believes he can…

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