Bitcoin Will Be In ‘A Lot of Hedge Fund Portfolios’: Investment CEO

7 Aug 2 640x400

Investor interest in Bitcoin is increasing all over the world. Most recently, impressed by Bitcoin’s latest “amazing run,” Agecroft Partners Founder and CEO Don Steinbrugge predicted that Bitcoin will be held in a lot of hedge fund portfolios. Bitcoin Is a “Fantastic Technology” In a interview, on August 6, 2019, Steinbrugge described the cryptocurrency as a “fantastic technology.” He also praised Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. He pointed out that presently, BTC was “fairly expensive.” And like many financial experts, he finds it challenging to pinpoint Bitcoin’s value. However, he forecast, “Bitcoin is here to stay. Long term it will be part of a lot of hedge fund portfolios.” The interview also touched on the uncertainty resulting from the ongoing trade wars and imminent monetary wars. Indeed, many observers see Bitcoin’s recent price rally as a response to persistent concerns surrounding the current trade war between the U.S. and…

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