Bitcoin Wallet Maker Ledger Woes Worsen With Rogue Shopify Data Theft

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Bitcoin hardware wallet maker Ledger has recently put a spotlight on personal financial security after hackers leaked the details of thousands of customers online. Those who sought to protect themselves from criminals instead were pushed into the line of fire. Now the situation for Ledger has gotten much worse, after an email to customers was distributed informing them of yet another data security issue, this time involving e-commerce merchant partner Shopify and what that company claims to be two “rogue employees.” Bitcoin Investors Beware: Bolster Opsec Before Buying Crypto Wallets Among the first pieces of advice new crypto investors receive, is to never invest more than one can afford to lose – or lose sleep over – and to make sure the private keys to any bought Bitcoin are owned and kept by you personally. The safest way to do this, with an added benefit of keeping assets offline and…

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