Bitcoin UTXOs per Month Have Increased 100x Since 2011

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Bitcoin (BTC) usage statistics over the years have furnished some interesting insights. Coins circulating in transactions have remained stable. But now, the network carries more value, as there are more UTXO transactions or unspent coins. More Value Moved Through Bitcoin Network The actual physical movement of BTC and overall transaction counts are at least somewhat correlated to price actions. Some periods in bitcoin’s blockchain history reveal multiple transactions, but with little value per transaction. But the overall charting of network use from 2011 until now shows signs of wider adoption. Since 2011 the on chain number of #bitcoin transacted per month has been stable at 50 million, but with more utxo's per month (100x) and much more $ per month (1000x). — PlanB (@100trillionUSD) November 6, 2019 The last two years were especially salient, as they marked the appearance of new crypto exchanges. Trading activity is one of the…

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