Bitcoin Trend Strength More Powerful Than 2017, Only Just Beginning

bitcoin trend strength weekly btc 980x478

The current Bitcoin uptrend is undeniably strong, but according to a technical tool that directly measures the strength of an underlying trend, it now marks the second-most powerful in history. What’s potentially even more exciting for cryptocurrency investors, is that on higher timeframes, the same tool says the uptrend is only just getting warmed up. Trend Strength Tool Suggests Strongest Bitcoin Uptrend In History Is In The Making Bitcoin has barely experienced a noteworthy correction since the initial uptrend began. The tremendous buying power and demand from institutions has propelled the asset’s price up sharply over the matter of a few months. And while a rise from under $4,000 to over $48,000 in less than one year might sound like the end must be near, a technical analysis tool suggests that there’s much more to this story. The Average Directional Index is a technical analysis tool created by J. Welles…

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