Bitcoin Technical Indicator Flashes ‘Buy’ as Uptrend Strengthens

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A key Bitcoin price technical indicator has turned green again following almost a month of declines. The rally which started a week ago has gained momentum despite a minor pullback below $12,000 yesterday. Bitcoin Trend Indicator Goes Green According to Bloomberg there has been a lot of attention turned towards bitcoin recently as a refuge in times of economic turmoil. The outlet added that a key trend indicator called the GTI VERA Convergence Divergence Indicator is now showing a buy signal. Based on trading over the past few days, this lagging indicator is back in the green as BTC holds on to gains made since the weekend. This time last week the world’s leading digital asset was trading at around $9,750. Since then it has made an impressive 20% to its current price around $11,650. Bloomberg intelligence analyst, Mike McGlone, said that the tide is rising for bitcoin compared to…

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