Bitcoin SV Blockchain Temporarily Split Into Three

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Bitcoin SV experienced a serious network split on Saturday after a massive 210 MB block was mined on the network, temporarily splitting the network into three different chains. Big Block Blues On July 24th, the BSV network underwent a scheduled network upgrade with the intent to raise the blocksize from 128 MB to 2 GB. A whopping 19% failed to follow last months upgrade, while another 17% had their nodes crash when receiving the 210 MB block. Some popular BSV services such as and MoneyButton got stuck at the 210 MB block, unable to keep up with the rest of the network. Ryan X Charles, CEO of MoneyButton and a devout SV supporter, talked about his issues running an SV node on the MoneyButton blog Yesterday, Money Button went down because our Bitcoin SV node ran out of memory and crashed during a stress test. The node ran out…

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