Bitcoin SV Adds 12% – Craig Wright Birthday Gift?

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) chose a rather unusual moment to rally – just as Bitcoin (BTC), one of its competitors, crashed to below $7,500 after weeks of stability. BSV Added Nearly 30% a Week Bitcoin SV jumped by more than 29% in a single week, while the rest of the market was in the red. And in that past week, BSV also posted significantly successful days, bouncing off the $90 range and once again to triple-digit prices. The earlier BSV rally above $100 happened around the birthday of Craig Wright, one of the most vocal – and reviled – Bitcoin SV proponents, and claimants to the personhood of Satoshi Nakamoto. Whether this was a birthday gift for Wright, or a stunt, the rally continued on Thursday and Friday. The Bitcoin SV network has added an interesting feature, which surfaced on Friday. There is a 2.5 BSV bounty for uploading worldwide air…

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