Bitcoin, S&P500, Treasury Notes: Which Made the Highest Profit in 5 Years

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James Todaro, managing partner of Blocktown Capital has recently compared Blockfi’s 5 year Bitcoin interest payments and compared them to the returns of the S&P500 and US treasury notes over the same period. James Todaro sees interest-bearing crypto savings accounts as a game changer James Todaro founding partner of Blocktown Capital and co-founder of MedX protocol just made waves on Twitter by highlighting the returns on a Blockfi 5 year Bitcoin investment of $10,000 USD at 5.1% apy. Blockfi is one of the leading crypto-lending startups in the US, and has a variety of interest-bearing crypto savings offerings available. Bitcoin interest vs S&P 500 & Treasury bonds over past 5 yrs at BlockFi's 5.1% interest rate. It's easy to think in terms of fiat where interest earned is often negligible…This isn't the case for BTC, where interest alone becomes a large sum of money. #Bitcoin @TheRealBlockFi — James Todaro…

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