Bitcoin Shows Remarkable Strength Despite Growing List of Bearish Events

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Bitcoin’s price saw a decent recovery following the BitMEX imbroglio yesterday, but the cryptocurrency’s reverted most of these gains overnight due to news of President Trump contracting the lethal virus This news sent shockwaves throughout the traditional markets as well, and appears to be having a trickledown effect on BTC as well as altcoins Where the aggregated crypto market trends in the days, weeks, and months ahead will likely depend largely on the global markets That being said, one analyst is noting that Bitcoin’s resilience in the face of multiple sellable news events throughout the past couple of weeks is bullish Bitcoin has been facing immense turbulence as of late, which has been driven by a combination of technical uncertainty as well as news-driven price movements. Throughout the past couple of weeks alone, the crypto market has witnessed the major KuCoin exchange hacking, the CFTC’s formal charges against the owners…

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