Bitcoin Sets New All-Time Highs Above $20,000; Leaves Trail of Bear Blood

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Bitcoin is officially trading at fresh all-time highs, with the crypto’s price racing as high as $20,800 this morning before losing some momentum and hovering just below this level Where the crypto trends in the mid-term should depend largely on whether or not it can turn this momentum into another parabolic uptrend One trader believes that this is a strong possibility, and could be induced by an imminent short-squeeze The break above $20,000 has put virtually every bear in Bitcoin’s history underwater, with it now entering uncharted territory as the world sees its first $20,000+ Bitcoin The coming few days should provide investors with some serious insights into where the entire market will trend in the days and weeks ahead Bitcoin is officially trading at the highest prices it has ever seen, with its long-held bout of consolidation beneath $20,000, ultimately resulting in it seeing an explosive move higher. Where…

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