Bitcoin Sees “Longest and Most Stable” Rally Ever as Bulls Clock 73% in 73 days

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Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market are pushing higher today, with BTC breaking above $17,000 while Ethereum helps lead altcoins higher as well The benchmark cryptocurrency hasn’t seen much selling pressure at this level, despite it long being viewed as resistance It has struggled to break above this level a few times, but the selling pressure here has not catalyzed any sharp selloff Where it trends next will depend largely on whether or not it can firmly surmount this level before tonight’s daily candle close A firm close above here could help further perpetuate what one firm is describing as the “longest and most stable” rally that Bitcoin has ever seen Bitcoin’s intense uptrend is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The crypto is now pushing $17,000 as bulls look to make a sustainable break above this crucial level. Whether or not it is surmounted in the near-term…

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