Bitcoin Rises Ahead of ECB Meet; How Eurozone Could Impact Price?

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Bitcoin bounced back on Thursday as the dollar weakened. But the cryptocurrency refrained from making any significant moves ahead of the European Central Bank’s monetary policy resolution later today. BTC/USD surged by up to 1.89 percent to hit an intraday high at $10,417.80. Earlier this week, the pair was trading for as low as $9,819. That signified that traders wanted to keep the price above $10,000, a psychological support level. While BTC/USD showed signs of upside momentum this Thursday, its overall price action remained choppy at best. Bitcoin recovers on an intraday basis. Chart Source: A lot of it has to do with investors’ seesaw interest in safe-haven assets, especially as the US dollar regained some of its value after falling to its two-year low on September 1. Meanwhile, a downside correction in global stocks further accelerated sell-offs across the Bitcoin and gold markets. But traders are still avoiding…

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