Bitcoin Price Tanks $250 In Minutes But Analysts Say Bullish Trend Intact

The Bitcoin price abruptly fell $250 January 10 as a fresh wave of volatility washed away the calm which had characterized markets this week. Easy Come, Easy Go Data from shows a curious retracing for Bitcoin Thursday, the largest cryptocurrency dropping from $4050 to $3800 in minutes. The move down cancels out gains from January 7, which saw BTC/USD 00 make an identical move in the other direction – from $3830 to $4020. Bitcoin remains 11 percent up on the month to date, while more broadly, its price remains down by over a third compared with three months ago. On social media, commentators were speculating as to why Monday’s gains had disappeared, with theories appearing to favor moves by exchanges. Bitcoin Price Plan Still On Track As reported, volatility amounting to hundreds of dollars becomes immaterial taken within the wider context of Bitcoin price activity in recent months. Despite falling…

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