Bitcoin Price Should Hold This Level Or Risk a Bear Market Redux


Bitcoin has begun to stabilize in the low-$10,000s. The leading cryptocurrency now trades for $10,400 as of this article’s writing. The stock market has also begun to range after a devastating drop last week and at the start of this week. Analysts say that Bitcoin must hold current levels or risk a return to a bear market. Fortunately for bulls, the leading cryptocurrency has fundamental and technical trends set to take it higher. Bitcoin Must Bounce or It Could Return to a Bear Market While Bitcoin’s price action may be sporadic, its price action fits patterns. One pattern identified by a historically accurate crypto analyst suggests that Bitcoin is on the verge of disaster if it slips any lower. The trader, who predicted BTC would undergo a bounce in March, recently posted the chart below. The chart shows that Bitcoin has bounced off the depicted technical level whenever it has…

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