Bitcoin Price Pierces the Ultimate $10,500 Level: Will Bulls Manage to Hold?


Just minutes ago, Bitcoin pierced the crucial $10,500 level for the first time since rallies earlier this year. The level is of utmost importance for BTC bulls as previous bull trends ended at $10,500. Bitcoin’s strength comes as altcoins have crashed across the board, potentially giving validity to the ongoing uptrend. Analysts, from those on Wall Street to those in the crypto space, say that BTC must hold above $10,500 in the days ahead to confirm a macro uptrend. Chart of Bitcoin’s price action over the past two weeks from Bitcoin Must Hold $10,500 The importance of $10,500 to Bitcoin should not be understated. This level marked highs for BTC’s rallies on three distinct occasions over the past 12 months: October’s “President Xi Pump,” the February rally from 2019 lows, and the top of the rally from March’s capitulation lows. With such a storied history, all analysts are eyeing…

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