Bitcoin Price Dips After Trump Says Bitcoin ‘Seems Like A Scam’


Former US President Donald Trump claims that he dislikes bitcoin because it is a competitor to the dollar, which he wants to be the world’s currency and urged US regulators to take action to monitor it. Trump Thinks Bitcoin Is A Scam Trump was asked about his opinion on cryptocurrency and the US stock market during an interview with Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network, which the ex-president stated he was avoiding as well. Trump said: “Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam. I don’t like it because it’s another currency competing against the dollar.” Trump reiterated, “My opinion is that the currency of this world should be the dollar, and I don’t think we should have all of the bitcoins of the world out there,” elaborating: “I think they should regulate them very, very high.” The former president also singled out Libra, a cryptocurrency owned by social media…

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