Bitcoin Podcaster Confronts German Faketoshi

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Part of the joy in seeing the latest would-be Satoshi Nakamoto revealed as a fraud, is in watching their so-called ‘evidence’ being pulled apart and proven false by experts. Bitcoin Podcaster, Kenn Bosak, however chose a different tack. Use Your Words The Faketoshi in question is Jörg Molt, a German man who clearly isn’t Satoshi, but we’ll get to that later. Presenter of the ‘Not Another Bitcoin’ podcast, Kenn Bosak, tweeted a video of himself outing Molt at the World Crypto Conference in Las Vegas last week. Confronting a scammer at @WorldCryptoCon His name is @joergmolt and he is a scammer! — BitCoin Co-founder (@KennethBosak) November 1, 2019 Bosak filmed himself in front of Molt at the event, and publicly called him out as a scammer. He said that Molt has been telling people that he is Satoshi, but that he is not. This would all be perfectly reasonable…

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