Bitcoin Ownership in UK Surprisingly Low, New Survey Reveals

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A survey by cryptocurrency blog Crypto Radar is showing a high bitcoin apathy in the U.K. for people of retirement age. 67.5% of U.K. Citizens Have No Interest in Bitcoin According to the details of the survey as published by Crypto Radar, only 5.3% of the 2,500 participants owned Bitcoin. Of this number, more than half say they don’t plan on buying more BTC. The survey also showed an apparent high level of BTC apathy in the U.K. with 67.5% percent of respondents claiming they did not own or have any intention to own bitcoin. This demographic even increases further when only considering male participants aged 65 years and above. High bitcoin apathy among people of retirement age isn’t a new phenomenon as seen by numerous similar surveys. The situation surrounding Brexit may also see retirees looking to hedge their fortunes in assets deemed to be less risky than cryptos.…

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