Bitcoin Nearly Taps $22,000 as Wall Street-Fueled Rally Continues


Bitcoin is continuing to thrust higher, pushing to nearly $22,000 a handful of minutes ago. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $21,700 after a slight correction. Analysts think that this rally is being driven by institutional players. Bitcoin Nearly Pushes to $22,000 Bitcoin is continuing to thrust higher despite fears that there were some whales located in Asia that would sell into the strength. BTC just pushed to $12,850 on leading spot exchanges and moved even higher on some futures platforms. The cryptocurrency is now trading at all-time highs, passing its 2017 highs of $20,000. Analysts think this rally is largely being driven by institutional players, as evidenced by the vast amount of bid on the Bitcoin order books. Just last week, MicroStrategy confirmed that it would be purchasing $650 million worth of BTC after it completed a sale of $650 million worth of debt. Earlier today, Guggenheim’s global CIO,…

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