Bitcoin Money Flow and Futures Volume Signals Intense Volatility is Imminent

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Bitcoin’s futures market is seeing surging aggregated open interest as the crypto finds itself caught within a bout of lackluster trading This coincides with the crypto seeing a decline in money flow The confluence of these factors suggests that BTC is gearing up for a big movement Bitcoin’s price action seen in recent times hasn’t been too exciting. This period of lackluster trading plagued with multiple prolonged bouts of sideways trading has come about in the weeks following its intense capitulatory decline to lows of $3,800. This consolidation may not last for too much longer, however, as there are a few fundamental signs that suggest a big movement is imminent. Bitcoin Sees Declining Money Flow, Leading Analysts to Anticipate Major Volatility Bitcoin is currently hovering just a hair above its key near-term support at $6,800, with the cryptocurrency finding some support here in the time following its break below the…

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