Bitcoin Mining Experiences Worst Year in Half a Decade

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Bitcoin miners held a stunning competition in 2019, lifting both the hashrate and difficulty to all-time highs. But it turns out for significant stretches, mining pools absorbed serious losses. Bitcoin Miners Undeterred by Falling Prices Most of the big miners this year produced coins at a loss due to unfavorable market prices. But this did not lead to a capitulation, as previously expected. Instead, miners redoubled their efforts to get some of the last 12.5 BTC rewards before the halving next year. A look back at 2019 shows two periods where miners continued competing for rewards despite prices falling below breakeven. Bitcoin miners are hurting. The last 12 months has been the least profitable in all of the prior 5 years to be a Bitcoin miner. There's blood on the streets. … stay tuned … — Charles Edwards (@caprioleio) December 12, 2019 The last months of the year were…

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