Bitcoin May Post Its 2nd Highest Two-Month Close in History as Bulls Take Control

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Bitcoin has been able to avoid seeing any type of intense bearishness today, as the cryptocurrency is now trading near $11,800 Although it has yet to test its key $12,000 resistance, it does appear that buyers are laying the groundwork for a visit to this level One trader is observing that some technical factors are now working heavily in Bitcoin’s favor, including degrading resistance between its current price and $13,000 This comes as Bitcoin rapidly approaches its two-month candle close, which will be the second-highest one the crypto has ever seen – so long as bulls remain strong Bitcoin and the entire crypto market are seeing some intense strength today, which has allowed the benchmark cryptocurrency to push towards $12,000 while altcoins like Ethereum begin garnering significant momentum. The strength seen by Ethereum over the past couple of days has been so intense that some analysts are noting that it…

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