Bitcoin Market Cap Tops $1 Trillion For First Time Ever

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Bitcoin price just touched $54,000 per coin, and at a circulating supply of more than 18.6 million BTC, that brings the total market cap of the first ever cryptocurrency to $1 trillion. Here’s what this incredible milestone means for the leading cryptocurrency in the the market. From $100 Billion To $1 Trillion In A Year It was only months ago, when Bitcoin’s market cap reached on par with the likes of VISA and Mastercard, and other major banks. Weeks ago, it beat Tesla’s cap shortly after the company revealed it too had purchased BTC to add to its company reserves. Now, it has set another major milestone: surpassing a total market capitalization of over $1 trillion USD. From literally worthless, Bitcoin the asset and network in its entirety is valued at a trillion dollars. The achievement is nothing short of amazing. Anyone who saw this outcome coming to fruition is…

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