Bitcoin ‘Lambo Line’ Indicator Suggests Bull Market Inbound

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According to a blog post from ChartStar, the number of ‘Lambo’ mentions on Reddit turns out to be a surprisingly good indicator for predicting strong Bitcoin market moves. So What’s The Bitcoin Verdict? Now wait a minute… First, the parameters needed to be tweaked a bit. The Reddit mention query was amended from ‘Lamborghini’ to ‘Lambo’, for obvious reasons, and then the search was focused on certain cryptocurrency-related subreddits. After all, why would there be a link between Bitcoin price and ‘Lambo’ mentions from people who don’t talk about Bitcoin? When those parameters were applied, there did indeed seem to be some noticeable correlation between the two. At a glance, the Lambo line appears to be a lagging indicator that trails around 1 month behind Bitcoin’s price movements. However, on closer inspection you can see that on two occasions the Lambo line actually became a front-runner for the leading crypto…

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