Bitcoin Just Surged to $10,900—and Analysts Think Short-Term Upside Is Likely


Bitcoin has consolidated around $10,700 over the past number of days after hitting $10,200 early this week. The coin just surged higher in tandem with a positive open in legacy markets. The price of BTC is now $10,900, the highest price in around a week for the leading cryptocurrency. Analysts think that Bitcoin may have room to extend to the upside as it recaptures resistances in the high-$10,000s. During the move higher, millions were liquidated across margin platforms. This suggests that there were some traders positioned short prior to the open of legacy markets. Bitcoin Has Room to Move to the Upside Analysts think that Bitcoin will extend higher in the near term. One analyst just shared the chart below, showing the importance of the ongoing move higher. Bitcoin breaking higher now, the chart suggests, will mean that it will soon move to test the resistance at $11,200-11,400, where the…

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