Bitcoin is the Most Popular Crypto Asset Amongst Investors

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The Bitcoin and crypto market cap figures that we get from CoinMarketCap, whilst being infinitely more reliable than its data on daily volumes, just tell us how much of each particular cryptocurrency is out there. But with vast swathes of these tokens being held by early adopters, whales, exchange wallets, or just forever lost, it doesn’t answer the question. Just which cryptocurrencies are investors actually holding in their portfolios? Market Cap vs Dominance and Popularity Fortunately, the team behind the Shrimpy Portfolio Management app has dug into their extensive sample data to give us a snapshot. Ignoring market cap, we will instead look at the dominance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies within portfolios and their popularity. The dominance indicates the average weighting of a cryptocurrency within the portfolios. This ignores the relative values of the portfolios. So a $100 million portfolio containing 25% BTC and a $10k portfolio containing 75% Bitcoin,…

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