Bitcoin Is Replacing Gold At An “Accelerating Pace”

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The narrative taking place across the finance industry, is that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the way of the future and gold’s days are numbered as a store of value. While the “digital gold narrative” has already taken a major dent out of the precious metal’s momentum, according to a top Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, “most indicators point to” Bitcoin replacing the aging asset an an “accelerating pace.” Bitcoin Is Replacing Gold As “Store Of Value In Investor Portfolios” The term “gold standard” exists because the asset has stood the test of time as the best form of money the world has historically ever seen. Fiat currencies were once pegged to the precious metal, and today it still used as an investment and hedge against inflation or economic distress. But that was a time before Bitcoin. Nearly everything that makes gold “precious” the cryptocurrency can do, and then some. And…

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