Bitcoin Is Ranking High on Google Trends Again

The naysayers said it wouldn’t last. The public’s interest over the last 12 months dwindled along with the price. But now BTC is leaping into the green again, there are signs of FOMO setting in. Bitcoin is ranking high on Google Trends, hitting over 100K+ searches yesterday, with Nigeria leading the charge. Bitcoin in Top Ten on Google Trends It’s been a while since Bitcoin searches were so high. In fact, not since the peak of Bitcoin’s popularity from 17-23 Dec has interest in the number one cryptocurrency been so widespread. Breaking the numbers down a little further, you’ll see that Nigeria and South Africa are leading the charge. Bitcoin searches are also high in the Netherlands and Austria, although that could also coincide with the fact that both countries are hosting major Blockchain events this week. The United States shows the 12th highest interest in Bitcoin searches on Google…

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