Bitcoin is on the Brink of Seeing a Rally to All-Time Highs as It Taps Critical Level

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Bitcoin has seen some relatively lackluster price action throughout the past few days and weeks, with the crypto’s price being unable to surge as it inches towards its $40k resistance This has come as its smaller counterparts all see massive momentum, with ETH seeing a monumental rally while many smaller altcoins also surge BTC’s lack of intense upside has come about due to the intense selling pressure it has been facing within the upper-$30,000 region, with selling pressure from large whales and investors stunting its growth Where the cryptocurrency trends in the mid-term will undoubtedly depend on its continued reaction to its overhead resistance One analyst believes that there’s a strong possibility it breaks this level in the near-term, which could lead to fresh all-time highs Bitcoin and the entire crypto market are seeing mixed performance. While BTC stalls and struggles to break above its resistance in the upper-$30,000 region,…

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