Bitcoin Is Now The 11th Largest Money In The World

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As helpfully tweeted by the trader and analyst known as Rhythm, Bitcoin is now the 11th largest money/monetary supply in the world. That’s pretty impressive for a 10-year-old upstart, created from an anonymously published 9-page whitepaper. Less Is More, More Or Less Bitcoin’s mathematically limited supply has seen it being increasingly used as a store of value and an associated climb in price. In terms of market cap, bitcoin now beats the national currencies of Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and South Korea. At time of press, the value of all the bitcoins ever created was over $0.21 trillion. That is just short of the global supply of Russian rubles. Come And Have A Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough So who’s next? After all, Bitcoin is the hardest money ever created, so it stands to reason there are some more scalps in its sights. Well, after Russia is despatched,…

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