Bitcoin is Nearing Key Resistance as Market Posts Massive Rebound

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Bitcoin has seen some immense volatility as of late, with bulls reversing its recent losses entirely overnight as they regain control of the crypto This price action confirms that the latest selloff was one that is quite common during bull markets when the crypto retraces 30-40% before continuing its ascent BTC’s strength is creating tailwinds for the entire market, as ETH and most other major altcoins have also surged higher One trader is now noting that he is flat on Bitcoin, for the time being, cautioning that the resistance around $40,000 could be quite significant and cause it to see a notable pullback Once it can break above this level, however, the crypto could see some massive upwards momentum that leads it to new highs Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have exploded higher today, with bulls taking full control of the market as they look to reverse the recent…

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