Bitcoin is Getting “Squeezed” Between 2 Critical Levels; Volatility Imminent

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Bitcoin’s price action has been rather lackluster ever since it saw its sharp decline to lows of nearly $28,000 just a few days ago The selling pressure that sent it down to these lows has since subsided, but bulls have been struggling to extend the momentum that first sparked this movement Where the entire market trends in the mid-term may depend largely, if not entirely, on whether Bitcoin can sustain the rebound seen in the time following this movement One trader is now noting that the entire market could be well-positioned for a massive movement in the near-term He explains that BTC is being squeezed between two key technical levels that could have some heavy influence over its near-term trend Bitcoin’s price action feels somewhat void of momentum, with investors and analysts largely focusing their attention on Ethereum and other altcoins for the time being. This comes as BTC hovers…

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